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18th-Jan-2009 03:05 am - Neil Patrick Harris on SNL
This the most awesome video I saw today. I thank JohnnyB for sharing. Facebook done wonders keeping people in the radar with new stuff and whatnots. Neil Patrick Harris is truly legen..... wait for it..... dary!!!!!! Enjoy!
16th-Jan-2009 10:27 am - Of Learning and Unlearning

In times when your life has gone lightning speed, you needed to adjust yourself to keep up with the pace.  You learn a lot of things.  Learning is not supposed to be bad.  It makes you more capable and do great stuff.  And when people do great stuff, they feel good about themselves.

But there is such thing as the virtue of unlearning the things you have learned.  It is like going back to basics.  You need to know how to build and do things the old fashioned way.  Not only you gain appreciation of the things why you had to do it the other way but it also open doors for other things which you can do.

I have always wanted to be a mobile person where I can work remotely anytime and anywhere.  Technology in Singapore has enabled me to become the most mobile person I can ever be.  I learned how to email through my PDA, retrieving my plane ticket through mobile internet, blogging in a coffee shop, reading e-PDFs in my laptop on my cab ride to work, answering customer queries while riding the train.  But when my PDA got broken, I had the opportunity of unlearning being online all the time.  Instead, I had to ensure the idea of being offline for a short period of time.  This gave me time to think about myself and other finer things in life while in transit or out of office.  I enjoy reading my books in a long train ride to work.  I learn how to be patient.  I learned not to be tense and jump at the next phone call from customer.  I learned to pace myself being work and outside work.

It's never too late to unlearn.  You better ask yourself, what is that one thing you want to unlearn.

29th-Nov-2008 06:15 am - Margarita Fridays!

It has been long since my lips has touched a glass of margarita.  The last time is when I was in Gerry's alabang with my high school friends having our usual Saturday night outs.  I have never liked margarita because it has the bitter after taste of tequila, which is my least favorite among my preferred poisons.

Ever since I moved to Singapore, I made a conscious effort not to spend money to get myself wasted.  This explains why I have dramatically changed my way of life.  Gone are the days when I frequent watering holes and bars drinking with friends and be merry.

But three weeks ago when Charlotte gave her birthday bash to her very intimate and closest friends (which includes me), we went to Botak Jones and drink their house margaritas c/o Brewsky Jones, the in-house bar sitting in the same roof as Botak Jones.  Jojo and I have been raving about Botak Jones because of it's dirt cheap.  Where can you find good steaks valued less than 20 SGD and serving San Miguel Light on the side for 5SGD/each from a bucket of 4?  Also, I have been curious to try their margaritas. 

And true enough, we had our share of Brewsky Jones' Frozen margaritas.  It was the greatest margaritas I have ever tasted.  True value of money!  The strong taste of tequila is not there either.  I can even chug the whole pitcher if I want to.  And from the moment, I have always been taking a trip down to Braddel for the past three Fridays and have my fill of those margaritas.  It has been helping me de-stress after being in a stressful mode for the past few months.  It is the only time for me to forget about work and other things that I hate which are too many to mention right now.

I think I have to re-institutionalize my drinking habit once more starting with Margarita Fridays. 

2nd-Oct-2008 12:40 am - How That IT Job Can Kill You

I read an interesting article about "How IT Job Wears Your Body Down" and I decided to change the title a bit because I think IT Jobs can kill people.  It may sound pessimistic but I feel that my job is killing me slowly, where I draw this pleasure of being the masochistic slave worker. 

Maybe someday, I will need to switch jobs.  Maybe I can take up waitressing jobs or cleaning building windows for my next career \but I need to recover from my future Musculoskeletal disorders. 

To read this article, go to :  http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/151763-1/how_that_it_job_wears_your_body_down.html

I used to be a fan of little transparent glass trinkets given out during weddings or displayed in armoires.  But after yesterday, I had a different experience with these "trinkets" after our cab ride from IMM.  We rode this cab full of these not-so-little glass trinkets on the car dashboard and back panel behind the passenger's seat.  Most of these trinkets has LED blubs to goes on-and-off similar to christmas lights, only powered by the car battery.  Can you imagine the patience of this guy wiring all these trinkets?  There is even a centerpiece, which looks like a mini version of the ball that falls off during new year in times square, hanging from the rear view mirror.

At first, I found it very cute to see something flashy.   However, sitting inside the cab in the dark with all the lights flashing before me gave me a nasty migraine.  Even looking outside the window, we can still all the little twinkling things within our peripheral vision.  We patiently waited for the cab to arrive at our place and calmly talked to each other out of not throwing up inside the cab. 

After the dizzying travel with the "carnival" cab, we criss-crossed our way through the lift, relieved to know that we have finally escaped the wrath of the dashboard trinkets. 

Lesson learned:  Do not underestimate the power of the trinket with LED lights powered by car battery.  One alone can be deadly enough.

22nd-Aug-2008 01:38 pm - Marche
Jojo and I went out for a date at Marche in Vivo city.  It's been a while since we have gone out on a real date after Jojo moved to Sony for work and I became busy for Friday nightcaps. 

We queued up at 815pm on an empty stomach.  Fortunately, one waitress in her swiss maid dress was going around serving almond raisins and mini watermelon/orange coolers for waiting customers.  Of course, Jojo and I indulged ourselves with the free food. 

After consuming so many almond raisins for the past 40 minutes, we finally got ourselves a table.  I immediately went to the Rösti stand to order my serving of Rösti with Chicken cheese sausage on the side.  Jojo helped himself with a plate of savoury crepe with mushroom, ham and chicken. 

We went back to our tables and ate our meals with gusto. I am guessing that either we were so happy to find ourselves eating after waiting for so long or the food is simply great.  We can't seem to get enough that Jojo ordered some sirloin steak while I shared with him my four scoops of Mövenpick ice cream.

And while all of this is happening, I can't help gushing at the idea of being out on a date.  It does pay to make an extra effort to make time for each other despite of spending almost each waking moment together.  We agreed that we will do this more often to keep the "fire" alive and burning.  What can I say?  I love this guy for being so sweet.

16th-Aug-2008 02:02 pm - Away For A Few Days And Back
It has been a couple of days since I got back from Manila.  Despite of my short-lived vacation, I am happy that I did fly up to see my family and Ate Desi who came all the way from Australia.  I also met up with some of my very good friends and felt guilty that I never had enough time to visit some more of them.  If I can only extend my 24 hours into days to make sure I have seen and reconnected to all family and friends I left behind.

While relishing the remain of my days in Manila, I can't help but miss the kind of life I had before going overseas.  I met with Honey and Cha one Saturday and walked into a nail parlor to have my pedicure done, which I have done for the longest time.  The one who did my nails just loved all the stories I've been telling her.  For the first time in a long time, I felt so relaxed enjoying this laid-back lifestyle in Manila.  I started remembering my old routines: usual dinner and gimmicks with friends, inuman on Friday nights, coffee on Saturdays, beauty day every other week, shopping, figuring out how to fill my schedule for weekdays and weekends.  I miss how I took good care of myself and live that quality kind of life I have always enjoyed.

Living here on the other hand felt so different.  For one thing, the kind of service that I get around here is not at par with the kind of experience I had in Manila.  I never seem to connect with the people who does my nails, hair, food or whatever.  My time is consumed mostly with work.  I kept bring home proposals and demos to finish.  I signed up to gym which I never go to because I never had enough time or energy to exercise.  Acid churns in my stomach because of stress.  Life here is entirely different than what I had back home.

But strange enough, I'm getting used to this kind of toxicness.  I found this sense of self worth that has somehow left me satisfied and clamoring for more challenges.  Manila maybe home sweet home but here in Singapore is somehow my self realisation of what I am capable with.  And if I can prove to myself that I can make it in this city, I guess I can make it anywhere.

5th-Aug-2008 08:13 am - Aprub Na!
I got an approval letter on my application for permanent residency in Singapore.  Kahit wala nang pera sa bulsa, at least, I got something to celebrate that Singapore is giving me the opportunity to:

- Save up for my CPF (a better equivalent of SSS)
- Hopping jobs without worrying of my visa expiry
- Getting my folks to stay here longer
- Buy my own house when I have enough money in my CPF
- Buy my own car if my CPF allows it
- Give up OECs once and for all
- Get tax exemptions when I start making my own babies
- Upgrade my work pass but same fugly picture
- Look at my CPF contribution to cheer me up when I'm broke
- have my own NRIC that links to my every transaction, movement, etc.

Did I miss anything?

22nd-Jul-2008 12:40 am - Wedding Random Thoughts #1
Couple of ideas for my wedding.  Jotting this down so I can look at this later before I completely forget:
  • 2-in-1 wedding (catholic and christian)
  • looking at Fernbrook gardens located South of Manila (www.fernbrook.com)
  • Ball gown wedding dress is a must.  A bit of beige because off-white is soooo 80s.
  • Corset or off-shoulder? 
  • For the 2-in-1 wedding, refreshments will be served in between ceremonies
  • Definitely a morning wedding, as early as 6AM!!!!!  Must be crazy planning for this but photos are best taken early morning. 
  • Pastel colors for motif.  Deep red is just too err sultry.  Black is too depressing.  Blue is sooo Shoemart.
  • Guest count of 150 pax.  50 from my side of the family.  50 from Jojo's side of the family.  50 for good friends.
  • Very flexible on the caterers but it would be nice to opt for sit down dinner to enjoy the highlights of the wedding.  I would love to give a grand entrance on food alone similar to Chinese weddings in Singapore.  Still have yet to decide whether I should play Moby or Yanni with some disco lights along with it.
  • No high heels please.  Prefer Slip-ons with one inch high.
  • Weddings rings should be from Sookee's and in platinum.  Things like this should last a lifetime.
  • No-gift policy.  No money to pay over limit baggage for gifts alone.  Probably cash gift policy with percentage to donate to religious communities.
  • I will have my hair up so I do not need to mess with my hair during the event. 
  • On Hair and make-up artist, Regine's is ok-lah in my experience.
  • Should we invite friends from Singapore to fly in for my wedding?
  • Where can I rent a rolls royce for bridal car? I want to know this for trivial purposes.  At least I get to ride in a limo once in my life.
  • I need to find out about acquiring marriage license in Philippines or if I need one when we marry first in Singapore.
  • Unique programs during reception.  I do not want to usual program.  

12th-Jul-2008 10:24 pm - I Guess You'll Do
Hilarious!  Enjoy this clip as much as I did.
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